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With more than 4m searches performed online every minute, successful promotion and building awareness of your brand is a key strategic goal for all companies. Our Booster solution will help your company engage more effectively with your target audience and attract new business leads. With over 7.5m visitors per month from 69 countries worldwide, let us improve your SEO and increase your customer traffic both locally and worldwide.

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  • Mūsu Booster risinājums
  • Enhanced brand reputation and awareness
  • An optimised local or global company profile
  • Measured return on your investment

Mūsu Booster risinājums

Your company profile will be visible to potential new customers searching for your products or services – putting you in front of new buyers at exactly the time they are looking to make a purchasing decision.

  • Interaktīvais uzņēmuma profils

    Build up your product & service showcase to attract both buyers and sellers. To help find new and retain existing customers you can interact regularly with them on Kompass by uploading your company videos, news and events.

  • Priority positioning on our business pages

    Enhance and broaden awareness of your company and branding with top priority positions on our activity and regional pages.

  • Direct links to contacts in your market sector

    Receive direct quotation requests and email alerts from relevant contacts. Save time by reviewing, sorting and managing your contact requests from your account.

  • Uzņēmuma profils, kas pielāgots ierīces ekrāna izmēram

    Benefit from a responsively designed company profile, meaning it can be viewed on any device – computer, mobile or tablet. This will help to ensure maximum visibility when Kompass users are searching for your company activity, product or service.

  • Measured company profile performance

    Emailed activity report available monthly which analyses your company profile audience (profile views, website clicks, contact and emails received…)

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  • " Booster has strengthened my online visibility and potential prospects can now find me a lot more easily."


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  • " With the personalised assistance you offer, I can clearly distinguish our company from our competitors. "


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  • " I now receive a lot more relevant quotation requests after subscribing to your Booster offer. "


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Galvenās Booster iespējas

  • Stronger online presence on search engines and our directory
  • Highlighted contact details to promote connections with future prospects
  • Benefit from being part of the 26 million profiles browsed every month on Kompass
  • Measured return on your investment

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